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Breaking The Damn Frame (And Burning It)

Acrylic On Canvas, Wood, Fire, Fuel

30 x 40 cm

NFT available on request

Breaking The Damn Frame (And Burning It) - Giuliano Amedeo Tosi
Breaking The Damn Frame (And Burning It) - Giuliano Amedeo Tosi

Just like classical painting on canvas, sometimes we move in the corset of habits. Doesn’t every generation has the task to break the mold and make room for something new?

I definitely think yes. We should move away from the restrictive frames we think and go towards innovation and mental freedom.

In a survey I asked my community whether I should keep or destroy an artwork. 52% voted: „burn it!“ That made me think. I wondered if entertainment is more important than the artwork or maybe the ritual of fire captured my adiences imagination.

The history of art began with fire. It probably was the first cultural act of man. The process of firing is infact a deep part of our identity.

My visit to the Museo Egizio (@museoegizio) in Turin fascinated me and showed me once again that man's quest for infinity and eternal life is fundamental.

But if you look at the ancient artefacts and architecture, you will agree that time destroys everything and our fate is for fire - sooner or later.

I'm wondering if it's worth making works that last forever?

Let's break the frame and think beyond.


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