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L`Île Des Dames Fatiguées (Island Of Tired Women)

Acrylic On Canvas

100 x 100 cm

currently not available for sale

L`Île Des Dames Fatiguées - Giuliano Tosi
L`Île Des Dames Fatiguées - Giuliano Tosi

The aim of this work was to create a combination of intuitive and precise painting techniques. The sky and the sea show intuitive shapes and lines. The white beach, as well as the women and rocks are shown more precisely and sharply. A challenge was to make no mistakes in the area of the rocks, because there you can see the canvas directly (no color) - stains would not have been correctable.

This time I worked with fine and rough modeling paste. Each lady is painted in a slight style variation. From back to front the figures become sharper and sharper.


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