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Directed & Produced by Remo Stettler

Directed & Produced by Remo Stettler

Photos by Lena Schläppi

Giuliano Amedeo Tosi, Halle500, Frauendrucker

Artwork presented @Halle550 in Zurich

Zurich artist uses female models as living stamps

120 pairs of breasts, 66 buttocks, 11 colours. For his performance artwork "Frauendrucker", the young artist Giuliano Tosi has printed a 4x3 metre long canvas with female body parts. He meets the representation and objectification of women in art and culture with a wink. 

Ever since humans began to express themselves artistically, the female body has been one of the primary motifs of (visual) art. The young Zurich artist Giuliano Tosi celebrates the symbols of femininity in a somewhat different way. For his modern performance art piece "Frauendrucker" he used a daring printing technique: Naked women as "living brushes". During four hours, they left behind a total of 120 colourful breast and 66 butt prints. "The Frauendrucker is a development of my figurative art, the human body itself is the tool," Tosi explains. "I feel the female form is the epitome of aesthetics, which I represent here in a contemporary context - painted by the woman herself."

Human anatomy in focus
Man, his anatomy and especially the musculoskeletal system are also the focus of Tosi's other works, contemporary acrylic paintings. There is much to discover and interpret in his unrealistic and surreal creations. Here, too, the figures are mostly naked, in their natural garb. His style is often characterised by a mixture of 2D and 3D elements.

Giuliano Tosi (*1992 Bern) is a Swiss-Italian dual citizen and feels closely connected to both countries. He lives and works in Zurich. Triggered by his work in the design industry, he began painting professionally at the age of 20. He has acquired all his skills mainly on his own. 



Artist Portrait & Frauendrucker at SRF1
Publication 21.06.2021

Gesichter & Geschichten with Jennifer Bosshard

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