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Giuliano Amedeo Tosi, born in Bern in 1992, has emerged as a distinctive artistic presence, cultivating his creative identity prominently through the digital realm of Instagram. Operating under the handle @giuliano_tosi, Tosi has harnessed the platform over the past four years as a dynamic conduit for engagement, sharing profound insights into his artistic process and fostering a vibrant community around his work.


Elevating the human form to a central theme, Tosi's oeuvre frequently navigates the contours of nudity and scenes of intimacy. However, this unapologetic exploration of the human experience has not been without its challenges. The artist has encountered censorship and shadowbanning on Instagram due to the explicit nature of some of his creations.


In the cultural landscape of Switzerland, Tosi's impact has been palpable. His provocative opus "Frauendrucker" became a subject of intense scrutiny and discussion within the Swiss media in 2021. The subsequent year, his conceptual masterpiece "Schwarze Berge" once again drew the attention and discourse of the Swiss media, further underlining his capacity to spark poignant dialogues.


Tosi's artistic footprint has transcended national boundaries, with his works resonating on an international scale. His pieces have graced exhibitions and publications across diverse locales including the USA, the Emirates, Nepal, Italy, and his native Switzerland.


In his artistic endeavors, Tosi masterfully portrays the intricate tapestry of life while weaving in his own experiences, emotions, and contemplation of aesthetic nuances. At the heart of his oeuvre lies a profound exploration and exultation of the unclothed human form, a thematic thread interwoven throughout his comprehensive body of work.


Beyond his figurative expressions, the artist delves into the contemporary social and political currents, skillfully navigating these complex themes within his expansive and thought-provoking conceptual compositions, such as "Frauendrucker," "Schwarze Berge," and "Indisoc2100."


Tosi's visual lexicon, characterized by its lucidity, beckons viewers to seamlessly connect with his art, engendering inspiration and evoking shared sentiments. Reflecting on his creative impetus, he articulates, "The allure of my art lies in its capacity to captivate and move the beholder. It is innovation that propels me forward, and the resonant responses from individuals stem from a genuine stimulation they experience."


Employing predominantly acrylic paint, Tosi's choice of medium harmoniously aligns with his dynamic and intuitive artistic process.


His most recent series unveils intimacy through an unfiltered lens, encapsulating a narrative that reverberates with themes of celebration, tolerance, respect, and an enduring commitment to aesthetics.

Giuliano Tosi, Signature, Brand Sign
Latest Events
"In Conversation With the Versatile Swiss Painter
Giuliano Amedeo Tosi" @Shunga Gallery / Erotic Art Magazine

September 2023

Interview and publication of Intimacy & Identity project.


Latest Events

Ensuite: Zeitschrift für Kultur & Kunst

March 2023

Fokus: Schwarze Berge mit Prof. Thomas Stocker, Veröffentlichung zum Referat in der Ausgabe Nr. 243



Latest Events
Reportage @ SRF1

March 2023

TV Reportage and Interview about the Solo Show Schwarze Berge.

See embedded Video on this page.


Latest Events
"Es is ein Horrorszenario" @ Der Bund, Berner Zeitung,

March 2023

Media report and interview about the Solo Show "Schwarze Berge" @Kulturmuseum Bern.

Der Bund

Berner Zeitung

musées Bern

Latest Events
Alla scoperta dell'arte @ Gazzeta D'Asti

July 2022

Report about the solo exhibition "Impressioni Piemontesi & Opere Selezionate" in one of the biggest newspapers in Asti.

Article 21.07.2022, Gazzeta D'Asti

Latest Events
Velocità e Arte @ af.mag No. 24

October 2021

Report in the famous fashion magazine from Milano.


"AF MAGAZINE is the undisputed guide that provides important information on the latest trends in the world of accessories: shoes, bags and leather goods."

af.mag No. 24

Latest Events
Artist Portrait @ SRF1, Gesichter und Geschichten

June 2021

Publication on Swiss national TV SRF (21.06.2021). Report about my art in general and my latest performance artwork "Frauendrucker" in the show "Gesichter & Geschichten" with Jennifer Bosshard.

Link Frauendrucker Page

Latest Events
Media Report of "Frauendrucker" @ 20min & 20min Online

May 2021

The biggest daily newspaper in Switzerland has published a report about my performance artwork "Frauendrucker" physically and in a video interview! The report was also published in Suisse Romande. Print run 147'659.

Newspaper article

Video Report

Latest Events
Media Report of "Frauendrucker" @ Bülacher Woche/Züri Zeitung

May 2021

A report about my Performace artwork "Frauendrucker" was published in the Bülacher Woche, the Züri Zeitung and the Dielsdorfer Woche on 18.05.2021. Print run 25'109.



Latest Events
Art Report @

May 2021

I was invited to participate an artist review for the magazine in May 2021. You can find a report on the link below.

Latest Events
New Horizons @ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

3 August 2020 - 1 December 2020

Three of my works are presented on different channels of this art magazine.

For more information visit

Latest Events
Art Review @


Art2Market has published an article about my art on their website. Here you can find the review:

Latest Events
Publication of "Organism Humanity" @ Revista Sapo Graph 02

May 2020

This magazine from Chile has selected the artwork "Organism Humanity" for the second edition of this year's Revista Sapo Graph 02.



Latest Events
Publication @

August 2020

Due to my participation at the Swissartexpo, a selection of my works was published on Artsy, one of the biggest art platforms worldwide.

Latest Events
"The Virtually Nude Show" @ Nepalianart

20 Dec. 2020 -

31 January 2021

The artwork "The Proposal" is shown in the online exhibition "The Virtually Nude Show" from Nepal. I was selected among 57 artists.

For more information visit

Nepalian Media:

Latest Events
Fashion Art @ elephbo

July 2021

I painted an artwork on a upcicled cement bag for the very innovative startup elephbo. 

Project Page

Latest Events
New Horizons @ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

3 August 2020 - 1 December 2020

Three of my works are presented on different channels of this art magazine.

For more information visit

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