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Giuliano Amedeo Tosi was born in Bern in 1992.

The artist started with his first professional drawings on the floor of his shared flat in 2014. That was the moment when his passion for painting was born. He acquired all his skills autodidactically.

Tosi found his artistic voice through instagram under the name @giuliano_tosi, where he has been interacting with his community for four years, posting and sharing insights to his works.

Since he is posting a lot of nude paintings and intimacy scenes, he is facing Instagrams censorhip and shadowbanning.

In 2021, his controversial artwork "Frauendrucker" was hyped by the media. For this, an article and a video interview were shown in the largest Swiss daily newspaper (20min). In addition, a detailed report was broadcast on the Swiss national television SRF2 in the program G&G.

In 2023 his concept work "Schwarze Berge" was published again by the Swiss media. This was followed, by contributions on SRF1 TV and in the newspapers "Der Bund" or "Berner Zeitung".

Tosi's works have already been published and shown internationally. Among others in the Emirates, Nepal, Italy and Switzerland.


In his works, Tosi shows the multifaceted nature of life and processes his experiences, feelings and contemplations of aesthetics. The depiction and celebration of the naked human body is the focus and extends throughout the entire work.

In addition to figurative representations, the artist deals with current social and political issues and processes these themes in his large-format concept works including "Frauendrucker", "Schwarze Berge" or "Indisoc2100".

Through his clear visual language, viewers can easily connect with his works, find inspiration and share emotions. About his motivation he says: "the viewer must be fascinated and touched.  Innovation is my driving force. People react to my art because they feel triggered".

Tosi works primarily with acrylic paint, which fits perfectly with his very fast and intuitive way of working.

After his stay in Italy, the artist now lives in Bern again. This march the "Black Mountains" exhibition was realized. The next show is planned for the end of 2023 and will deal with the topics of intimacy and LGBTQ+.

His latest series show intimacy from a natural perspective. "it is all about celebration, tolerance, respect and aesthetics"

TOSI Schriftzug_JPG.png
Studio Visit
a film by Markus Grütter
Latest Events
Alla scoperta dell'arte @ Gazzeta D'Asti

July 2022

Report about the solo exhibition "Impressioni Piemontesi & Opere Selezionate" in one of the biggest newspapers in Asti.

Article 21.07.2022, Gazzeta D'Asti

Latest Events
Velocità e Arte @ af.mag No. 24

October 2021

Report in the famous fashion magazine from Milano.


"AF MAGAZINE is the undisputed guide that provides important information on the latest trends in the world of accessories: shoes, bags and leather goods."

af.mag No. 24

Latest Events
Artist Portrait @ SRF1, Gesichter und Geschichten

June 2021

Publication on Swiss national TV SRF (21.06.2021). Report about my art in general and my latest performance artwork "Frauendrucker" in the show "Gesichter & Geschichten" with Jennifer Bosshard.

Link Frauendrucker Page

Latest Events
Media Report of "Frauendrucker" @ 20min & 20min Online

May 2021

The biggest daily newspaper in Switzerland has published a report about my performance artwork "Frauendrucker" physically and in a video interview! The report was also published in Suisse Romande. Print run 147'659.

Newspaper article

Video Report

Latest Events
Media Report of "Frauendrucker" @ Bülacher Woche/Züri Zeitung

May 2021

A report about my Performace artwork "Frauendrucker" was published in the Bülacher Woche, the Züri Zeitung and the Dielsdorfer Woche on 18.05.2021. Print run 25'109.



Latest Events
Art Report @

May 2021

I was invited to participate an artist review for the magazine in May 2021. You can find a report on the link below.

Latest Events
New Horizons @ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

3 August 2020 - 1 December 2020

Three of my works are presented on different channels of this art magazine.

For more information visit

Latest Events
Art Review @


Art2Market has published an article about my art on their website. Here you can find the review:

Latest Events
Publication of "Organism Humanity" @ Revista Sapo Graph 02

May 2020

This magazine from Chile has selected the artwork "Organism Humanity" for the second edition of this year's Revista Sapo Graph 02.



Latest Events
Publication @

August 2020

Due to my participation at the Swissartexpo, a selection of my works was published on Artsy, one of the biggest art platforms worldwide.

Latest Events
"The Virtually Nude Show" @ Nepalianart

20 Dec. 2020 -

31 January 2021

The artwork "The Proposal" is shown in the online exhibition "The Virtually Nude Show" from Nepal. I was selected among 57 artists.

For more information visit

Nepalian Media:

Latest Events
Fashion Art @ elephbo

July 2021

I painted an artwork on a upcicled cement bag for the very innovative startup elephbo. 

Project Page

Latest Events
New Horizons @ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

3 August 2020 - 1 December 2020

Three of my works are presented on different channels of this art magazine.

For more information visit

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