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Step into a world beyond conventions, where art becomes a portal to diverse sexual spheres. This art book showcases twenty unique paintings, each depicting individuals in varied sexual realms. Through these images, we celebrate the unity of manifold genders, diverse ethnicities, and even unexpected narratives.


This collection is a reflection of the concealed struggles many face in embracing different genders and sexual preferences. As we navigate our biases, we often shy away from the unfamiliar. Within these pages, however, a fresh perspective emerges.


Guided by Giuliano Amedeo Tosi's brushstrokes, each painting narrates a unique story, yet they share the same style. This consistency invites us to view with unbiased eyes. The goal is to inspire you to explore these images from a new vantage point.


Tosi masterfully weaves the complexity of the human experience, inviting us to explore desire, pleasure, and identity. This art book is a call for openness and empathy. It encourages to embrace diversity and question biases, reminding us that the world is a tapestry of colors, shades, and facets.


By acquiring this digital book, you gain access to an exclusive collection of 20 unpublished artworks. Additionally, a hand-signed print (A4 Format) of an artwork of your choice awaits you, a tangible connection to the emotions these pieces evoke.


Your purchase not only brings a captivating book into your hands but also opens doors to new perspectives and understandings.

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