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Organism Humanity

"A Dedication To The Victims Of Coronavirus `20"

Acrylic On Canvas

200 x 260 cm / 2020

price on request

Organism Humanity - Giuliano Tosi
Organism Humanity - Giuliano Tosi

In 2020, the Coronavirus inspired me to depict humanity as a unified organism. The idea is based on the concept that the infection of one person can lead to the infection of all others. This concept is visualized in my work through the merging of bodies and bones.

The painting shows ten heads, each representing different stages of infection and its effects. Five of the heads are depicted as skeletons, while the other five appear without skin, showing only visible muscles. This composition illustrates the progression of the infection: some figures remain healthy with normal faces, others already carry the virus and are identifiable by their faceless, muscular representations, and still others die, represented by the skulls.

The deliberate decision to omit the definition of skin color underscores the universal equality of all people, regardless of their origin. By removing the top layer of skin from the figures and revealing only the upper muscle layer, the equality of all humans is emphasized.

The unique situation of the Coronavirus pandemic appears surreal and eerie to me. This feeling of reality and fiction is enhanced in my painting through the blend of plastic (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) elements. The plastic elements, such as faces and hands, stand out from the flat depictions of bodies and bones, creating a tension between reality and imagination. This artistic technique allows the unsettling and simultaneously fascinating impact of the pandemic to be conveyed in a profound and intellectually stimulating manner.

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